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Oaks Prague is being developed by Arendon Development Company a.s. and is owned by Prague-based Arendon a.s. on behalf of Decimus Real Estate in London.

The Oaks Prague

Meet the Team

Oaks Prague has brought together an experienced team of multi-talented craftspeople and designers who are helping to create a unique place to live.

Václav Šlosar

Construction director

Vaclav has more than 20 years of experience with managing constructions of residential projects. He was part of PasserInvest Group, Penta Investments and SUDOP Group. He managed constructions of developing projects such as Rezidence Riegrovy Sady, Rezidence Waltrovka and Červená Skála. Vaclav supervises our construction and has already been part of Oaks Prague for four years. He likes outdoor sports or activities and, that's why you can find him cycling during summer, skiing in winter and he very much enjoys Croatian cuisine.

The Oaks Prague

Štěpánka Šmídová

Landscape Architect and
Founder, Šmídová

As Landscape Architect at Oaks Prague, Štěpánka is excited to be working on an extensive project with sustainability as its priority that covers various areas of landscaping from urban solutions, through to golf landscaping and forest maintenance.

In her work Štěpánka tries to demonstrate to both professionals and the public the significant influence that landscape architecture has on our daily lives and to show why our surroundings deserve much more of our attention. Štěpánka is highly qualified in her subject, having studied Argricultural Engineering and Garden and Landscape Architecture at the Czech University of Life Sciences, Mendel University in Brno and the Universität für Bodenkultur in Vienna.

The Oaks Prague
The Oaks Prague

Douglas Dhouring

Dozer Shaper,
PGA National Golf course

As Dozer Shaper for Oaks Prague, Douglas is responsible for shaping the entire project from its fairways to its greens. Part of the Kyle Phillips golf design team for five years, Doug joined the Oaks Prague team in the early days of summer last year.

His approach is to apply his in-depth craftsmanship with the terrain, using it as a medium. His international experience spans eight countries, including Russia and China, and Doug looks forward to working with the team to make Oaks Prague the number one golf course in Europe.

The Oaks Prague

Martin Máté

Groundsman, Oaks Prague

Martin has been involved with Oaks Prague from its inception and is on hand to help with the maintenance of the Chateau and Oaks Prague Pavilion. You’ll often find Martin in his workshop fixing things – for example, at the moment he’s creating wooden fencing for the Chateau area.

Martin assists with security on site and you may come across his black dog Nero, an excellent overnight guard of the site at Oaks Prague.

The Oaks Prague


Arendon Development Company is the Prague-based developer of Oaks Prague. Arendon is a member of the Decimus Real Estate group, London.

The Oaks Prague


Decimus is a global real estate developer with a long-term vision of investing in projects through its extensive funds. It has made a number of successful, profitable and diverse investments in a range of sectors including residential, commercial and hospitality.

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Oaks Prague has partnered with leading brands from around the world to deliver the highest standard of service to residents.

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