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Restaurant and Deli Bistro

The La Finestra Oaks Golf Club restaurant specialises in premium Italian ingredients, and you can look forward to it in 2023. Sister La Bottega Oaks Deli Bistro presents a cuisine where quality and freshness are the main ingredients. It is open for you every day.

The Oaks Prague
The Oaks Prague
The Oaks Prague

La Finestra Oaks Golf Club

Restaurant La Finestra, as the younger sister of the Italian restaurant La Finestra in Cucina will offer everything that guests love about La Finestra in Chateau golf clubhouse. First-class ingredients and authentic Italian cuisine from antipasti, pasta, Italian risotto, and renowned steaks to fish, seafood, or meat specialties. The menu is complemented by a rich selection of Italian wines, underlining the overall experience of our cuisine. In addition to the à la carte menu, guests can look forward to a seasonal menu, whether it be asparagus or truffle. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even refreshments on the golf course - sandwiches and small snacks which can be enjoyed at the bar with a glass of wine or Italian aperitif.

The Oaks Prague apartments
The Oaks Prague

La Collezione

La Collezione is a group of Italian restaurants by Riccardo Lucque, founder, and Ondřej Rákosník, co-owner - one large Italian gastronomy family, which includes restaurants Aromi, La Finestra in Cucina, Amano, bistros by La Bottega and Laboratorio.

“Our mission since 2005 is to deliver unique experience of authentic Italian cuisine.”

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The Oaks Prague

La Finestra

Oaks Golf Club

The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Chateau, in the golf clubhouse of the PGA National Czech Republic.


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